The Story Behind Our Rebrand

Phil Stock

The Story behind our rebrand

Over the next few months, we’ll have lots of exciting news to share with our community. The first announcement, however, is our change of name from Innovate Invision to Invision360.

You may be thinking, why have we changed our name so early on in our journey? Well, like all exciting stories, our decision to switch to Invision360 has a lot to do with where we are taking the business, our continued growth and the digital solutions we will be rolling out over the coming months and years.

Our journey to date

We’ve had an incredibly positive response to our online EHCP audit tool. So much so that 10% of local authorities across the UK are now using it to accurately assess the quality and consistence of their plans.

This is in no small part due to our clients, who invite us into their world to introduce technology solutions to their quality assurance challenges.

We’re the same team

We’re the same people (same owners, leadership and staff) on a mission to solve complex service challenges and are still very much connected to our colleagues in Innovate Services. Our focus, however, is on technology-led solutions rather than managed services and we feel it is important to make this distinction.

Why the introduction of ‘360’?

It is important that our new brand is more than just a name. It needs to say something about the impact we make and how we work with people.

This is where ‘360’ was born. Working in collaboration with our clients, we provide a holistic and comprehensive (360) insight into their work to make targeted improvements.  

Our future plans

All our technology-based solutions are co-created by the organisations we work with so that they solve real-life quality assurance challenges.

Commenting on the direction of Invision360, Director Phil Stock, said:

“As our pilot work with Bracknell Forest Council and Birmingham City Council highlights, our solutions are developed through a local authority lens. We never create technology solutions ‘for’ clients but ‘with’ them. We have a process that works incredibly well and are now applying this in other areas too.”

The upcoming launch of the Invision360 Annual Review Tool is a great example of how we respond to national challenges.

We know that 40% of EHCPs are not being reviewed annually. For many children and young people, this means their EHCP no longer accurately reflects their needs. Moreover, it may not be giving them the best opportunity to achieve and progress. In piloting our Invision360 Annual Review Tool with our local authority partners, we know we can give local authorities the capacity to identify where EHCPs need targeted revisions and quick. We cannot wait to officially launch it in June!

Adding to Phil’s comment, Invision360 Partnerships Manager, Mark Andrews said:

“As a solutions provider, we are in a unique position. We have the technical capability, practice-based experience, and a progressive community of local authority clients who want to be part of the journey with us.

“Personally and professionally, I cannot wait for what the next year will bring as we introduce more pioneering Invision360 tools.”

If you have a quality assurance issue with any service, we’d welcome a conversation with you. Likewise, if you’d like to know about any of our pilots or tools, please do get in touch.

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