PEP Quality Assurance Tool

Vastly improve the quality and consistency of your PEPs with our PEP QA Audit Tool.

Designed in collaboration with local authorities for local authorities, this incredibly intuitive digital tool will save you time and give you access to previously inaccessible data, detailed reporting, and far greater PEP QA efficiency.

More than your average quality assurance tool

This digital PEP quality assurance tool aligns with key themes and categories existing within PEPs, offering so much more than a standard quality assurance tool.

Let us work in partnership to bring efficiency and consistency to the QA of your PEPs.

Discover why you should adopt our tool at your Local Authority.

Make data-informed improvements

As a Virtual School Head, you can analyse data, run reports and make informed improvement decisions.

Capture the child's voice

Through automated links, the views of children and young people are captured.

Drive greater consistency

See more consistent and objective auditing through a standardised criterion-based process.

Incredible Insights

Drive your improvement journey using in-depth evidence and data. Explore insights into children and young people's progress towards their outcomes.

Compare your local area

Discover how you compare to other local authorities. Benchmark the quality of your PEPs nationally and regionally with our benchmarking functionality.

Instant reporting

Using ‘touch of a button’ reporting you can take a deep dive into granular insights, highlight the need for improvements or analyse where areas are performing well.

An intuitive piece of software

“An intuitive piece of software that we are using as a Virtual School team to help us identify themes to improve our children’s personal education planning. A smart way to analyse trends to improve any virtual school journey.”

Gloucestershire County Council


341 PEPs quality assured using Invision360


37 auditors utilising our quality assurance tool


In partnership with 45+ local authorities nationally


50% reduction in the time it takes to audit a plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact are the Invision360 tools making?

There is an abundance of quantitative data within our tools that LAs are utilising to demonstrate higher quality performance as a result of using Invision360 audit tools.

Invision360 has been cited and referenced in numerous Ofsted and CQC inspection outcome reports due to the positive progress local areas are making and the considerable improvements they have observed following implementation.

In June 2023, Invision360, in partnership with Stockton Borough Council, won the prestigious MJ award for digital transformation; this was a direct result of the positive impact demonstrated following the implementation of the Invision360 tools.

How do I purchase an Invision360 tool, and what are the options?

For information on how you can purchase any Invision360 tools, please get in contact with our Head of Partnerships, Mark Andrews, via telephone at 07825225260 or email on

Alternatively, Invision360 is listed as a Crown Commercial Services supplier within the UK Government G-Cloud Government framework.

The Invision360 tools are purchasable on an annual subscription, but we are also happy to offer extended agreements of 2 or 3 years.

What training is provided by Invision360?

We provide all the training you will need as an authority remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Our training times are flexible to meet when best suits your team.

If staff are unable to attend any training, we will provide a recording of the meeting and additional training to new team members who may join midway through your contract term.

We regularly review our support policies and procedures to ensure that our customers have access to the best support possible.

Our help centre is online 24/7 and has plenty of articles to help you out. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, our support staff are always on hand via email. at

Importantly, we’re always happy to help.

Is any personal data stored on the tools?

Personal data is defined by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as information relating to natural persons who can be identified or who are identifiable, directly from the information in question; or who can be indirectly identified from that information in combination with other information. Under the ICO definition, we store two forms of personal data:

• The name of a user as it is entered onto the platform

• The email address of a user as it is entered onto the platform.

What security exists around the storage and use of data on the platform?

We apply and regularly review appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard your data. This includes ensuring data is kept in a highly available state by replicating it across geographically distinct, physical data centres based in the UK. This ensures that in the unlikely event of one of our data centres suffering an outage, our systems can ‘flip’ to a different data centre. When we test these failover scenarios it takes - on average - 30 seconds to complete.

Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Our internal access policies set out who at Invision360 can access your data, and we’ll only do so as part of a support request or maintenance. We apply principles of least access across all levels.

Do Invision360 tools align with existing case management software that we are using?

Yes, our quality assurance tools align with case management systems.

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