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NEW: Our digital solutions feature integrated benchmarking

Benchmarking across LAs allows for performance comparison, analysis and identification of areas needing targeted improvements.

The UK’s first online EHCP QA tool

This tool is helping local authorities make sure that children and young people receive high quality EHCPs through a unified approach. As an online tool it makes the quality assurance process far more consistent and objective. Your EHCP writers have a unified understanding on what a ‘good’ or better EHCP really looks like. Plus, automated data analysis means that you are never out of step on the impact your EHCP improvement plans are having.

EHCP Audit Tool

The UK’s first Annual Review audit tool

Our tool helps local authorities explore the quality of annual review meetings from just a sample of data. It is a simple way of reviewing the progress a child or young person has made towards achieving the outcomes identified in their EHCP. Invision360 Annual Review tool allows for gold, silver and bronze standard identification. This allows local authorities to evidence that paperwork is being received, implemented, quality assured and most importantly, provision is supporting positive outcomes for Children and Young People with SEND.

Annual Review Tool

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