Introducing an EHCP platform powered by generative AI that saves time while improving quality

Designed to drastically improve the SEND system, VITA by Invision360 enables Local Authorities, schools and families to provide quality-assured EHCPs at a fraction of the current timeframe.

Built with privacy at its core, in mere seconds it collates, reviews, synthesizes and summarises all advice, crafting high-quality EHCPs instantly.

Without compromising personalisation, expert input or assurance against recognised standards, VITA produces high quality EHCPs prioritising a greater focus on positive outcomes for children and young people with SEND.

Implementing comprehensive software security, our tool aligns to the most recent EHCP guidelines, EHC Plans are generated in line with our EHCP quality assurance tool.

Why use AI to generate EHCPs? 

Current data illustrate the considerable challenge of meeting the 20-week EHCP timeframe, with only 51% of cases completed within this statutory deadline.

The quality and consistency of all EHC Plans have been identified by Ofsted and CQC SEND inspections as one of the key areas of weakness in the current system. Further driving the need for digitisation of EHCPs as mentioned in the SEND and Alternative Provision Improvement Plan.

“We have seen dramatic changes in terms of the volume of EHCPs we can quality assure at a time
using Invision360 tools.”

Hayley Jackson, SEND Service Manager Wigan Council.

Explore VITA in more detail

Aim for outstanding practice

The AI model will generate high-quality EHCPs based on the professional advice submitted as part of the statutory assessment process. The platform will identify any gaps or limitations and signpost areas to address before arriving at the Draft EHCP stage.

Save valuable SEND budget

VITA will significantly reduce the manual components to writing a high quality EHCP. Built with privacy at its core, it collates, reviews, synthesizes and summarises the information provided through all of the advice submitted as part of the statutory assessment process. Making considerable efficiency savings (time and money) and, at the same time, improving quality.

Improve the way resources are deployed

Our platform will not replace the expertise of SEND professionals. It will generate an initial document for review, ensuring complete autonomy before producing the Draft EHCP.
The significant efficiency savings will enable the case officer to devote more time to other important SEND activities.

Easy to understand

The core of the AI model is a generative AI engine leveraging advanced algorithms and natural language processing, this means the EHC Plans are accessible for families. 

Accurate personalisation

Trained on a diverse dataset, our platform will adapt to the various individual needs and situations of children and young people who require an EHCP. Supporting a greater focus on positive outcomes for children and young people.

Reduce and improve

VITA is the only solution that reduces the time and cost for Local Authorities while improving quality standards.

Improve quality and reduce costs.

Our aim is to introduce AI to the current EHCP process, enabling the scaling of operations whilst increasing much-needed consistency and quality of EHCPs. The benefits of using a quality-assured EHCP platform powered by generative AI are vast.

Improve quality

Our platform helps to improve the quality and consistency of Education, Health and Care Plans, supporting a greater focus on positive outcomes for children and young people.

Areas to improve

Teams will be alerted to areas where there are gaps in plans and improvements are needed.


Plans created will align to the DfE SEND Change Programme: DBV, Safety Valve and SEND Improvement Plan, along with both individual LA EHCP formats and any developments regarding a new national EHCP template.

Efficiency savings

Considerable efficiency savings can allow staff to dedicate more time to other areas of their workload.

Positive impact

The platform will ensure that all deadlines are met within 20 weeks, leading to positive outcomes for children and young people.

Privacy first

VITA has been built with privacy at its core. Unlike platforms that rely on external AI services, we use a secure AI model within our existing infrastructure. This means your data stays safe and private, always.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of AI generation in the EHCP process? 

The current EHCP process is outdated, inconsistent, and unmanageable. AI’s introduction into the process will help increase the success rate of completion within the 20-week timeframe for EHCPs and improve the quality of the EHCPs created. 

Will AI generation in EHCPs remove human input? 

In short, no. The platform will not completely remove the manual component and will still draw on the expertise of SEND professionals, with their local experience and knowledge. The platform will create an initial document, the LA professionals will then review and refine it before creating the draft EHCP document. This platform will save SEND case officers significant time, allowing resource to be redirected to other important  SEND tasks  

Will AI for EHCP use reduce the EHCP wait time?

The length of time for an EHCP to be created and reviewed will be significantly reduced with the use of AI. The national guidance used to train the platform will be closely monitored by Invision360, making sure the quality of the EHCPs remains good or outstanding.  

I'm concerned about the privacy of sensitive data related to EHCPs when using AI tools. How does VITA ensure that sensitive information is kept safe?

We understand the importance of privacy and keeping sensitive data safe, which is why it's at the core of our VITA platform. Unlike other platforms that may rely on external AI services, VITA has been meticulously crafted with a secure internal AI model within our existing infrastructure. This ensures that all data remains protected at all times. With VITA, you can trust that information is kept securely, allowing you to craft high-quality EHCPs instantly.

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