The story of Invision360

Founded in 2021 by our CEO and experienced SEND service leader, Philip Stock,
Invision360 has a rather personal backstory.

After spending most of his career working within local authority SEND Services as a Principal Educational Psychologist and Head of SEND and Inclusion services, Philip had first-hand experience of the challenges existing within SEND quality assurance. Knowing that technology could be the answer, Philip stepped out of local authority SEND leadership to start creating the Invision360 tools.

What is Philip and the team most proud of? The fact that all our Invision360 digital quality assurance tools are co-created by the organisations we are in partnership with and solve real-life quality assurance challenges.

A passionate team

Our friendly and passionate team share the same vision and values, we're driven to improve outcomes for children and young people. We're a team of makers, thinkers and curious beings, always striving to improve and develop our tools through our combined experience and partnerships.

Our values

Our goal is for everything that we create to align with our core values. Why? Because we know that through collaboration, high quality tools and creative thinking, we create digital solutions that empower our partnerships.


We believe in the power of working together to coproduce technology solutions that solve even the most complex service quality problems.

Solutions focused

We are problem-solving people, dedicated to a cause greater than ourselves. Innovative in our approach, we see opportunity in every challenge.


We are creative and innovative, constantly evolving our thinking to challenge the conventional and introduce new solutions.

Committed to quality

At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to improving quality. As such, we strive to provide high quality products and services.

Our partners love
to make us blush.

Dive into our recent case studies and discover the positive impact our quality assurance tools are making for children and young people.