EHCP Audit Tool

NEW: Now including benchmarking

Our audit tool allows local authorities to audit the quality and consistency of EHCPs against recognised standards, providing data and evidence to target improvements and improve outcomes.

·       The tool aligns with any existing case management systems, hubs or portals
that you’re utilising.
·       Our tool was developed in collaboration with our partner local authorities
·       You can benchmark your local authority against regional and national performance of other local authorities using the same criteria.
·       Designed to be utilised by education, health and social care professionals
·       A great opportunity for joint commissioning between education and CCGs

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Introducing Invision360's EHCP Audit Tool

The UK’s first online EHCP QA tool

The concept was developed through our Managing Director, who in his previous local authority role as Head of Inclusion, was responsible for overseeing the quality assurance of EHCP's across the local area.

There was a desire to develop greater quality and consistency with regards to auditing EHCPs, using digital solutions to reduce the cumbersome processes that involved lots of emails, word docuemtns, excel documents and hours of data analysis.

Explore our simple to use, online process

The online tool provides auditors with a simple online step-by-step process. There are built in checklist criteria with examples of 'what good looks like’ for each section. Quite simply, the easy to navigate system increases objectivity and consistency. Reviews can be completed section by section so that your auditors do not need to go through the entire plan in one sitting.

A clear overview of your progress

Auditors have online access to a clear and ‘live’ view of the quality of EHCPs that have been audited. Using a real-time dashboard, you can see the audits that are in progress, and the total that have been completed. Furthermore and for regular monitoring, Innovate Invision can display data of the distribution of audit ‘gradings’ across your local area. 

Promoting best practice through insight and data

Automated and bespoke reports allow you to isolate sections. This makes it far easier to benchmark performance, analyse trends, identify areas for improvement and evidence improvement cycles.  

Discover a smart way to audit EHCPs

Gain far greater clarity on the quality of EHCPs in your area. Benefit from access to data insights at an operational, service improvement and performance level. With The online EHCP audit tool you can educate EHCP writers on what a ‘good’ or better EHCP really looks like.’

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“The first time I used Invision360 Online EHCP Audit Tool, I was incredibly impressed. It has removed individual subjectivity from the quality assurance process, with every instruction enabling accurate benchmarking to give us an unbiased ‘view’ of EHCP planning.”

Kashif Nawaz, Head of Children’s Support Services
Bracknell Forest Council

Improvement in EHCP quality in nine months at Knowsley Council since implementing the tool.


of local authorities are now utilising the tool nationally.


of EHCPs in one LA audited as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ for cohort of C/YP with primary need of ASD

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