Developed through a local authority ‘lens’

Phil Stock
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Invision360's online EHCP audit tool has been developed through a local authority ‘lens’

Having spent most of my career working for local authority SEND Services, I have first-hand experience of the challenges that exist with Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

What is evident, is that EHCP quality assurance processes vary across local areas and this demonstrates just how difficult it is to develop a comprehensive QA process across all services.

From my time working as Head of Inclusion Services and Principal Educational Psychologist of a large London Borough, I am fully aware of how challenging it is to coordinate the QA of EHCPs across education, health, and social care. EHCP quality assurance often involves complicated excel documents, ‘data cleansing’ and analysis and large emails outlining processes. In addition, there are large numbers of emails and workshops supporting colleagues in education, health, and social care to feel comfortable and confident in undertaking audits. My local authority experiences illustrated the need to develop a solution that was innovative, resource efficient and fit-for-purpose.

The national picture further highlights the need for solutions in this area In 2018 and 2019, as many as 60% of inspected local areas were required to put together a Written Statement of Action (WSOA). This was to address significant weaknesses in their SEND services, with one of the most common themes identified being the quality and consistency of EHCPs.

I truly believe that EHCPs are integral to positively impacting the outcomes of children and young people with SEND, and as a result I was committed to developing an approach that would help raise the quality and consistancy of plans for this cohort of our community.

When I left local authority SEND leadership and joined Innovate Services in 2019, I was able to concentrate my efforts. I was given the resource, expertise and support I needed to create the Invision360's online EHCP audit tool that I perceive will benefit all local areas.

The concept was to implement a consistent approach to the QA of EHCPs. That’s when Invision360's online EHCP audit tool was born.  The aim of Invision360's online EHCP audit tool was to reduce subjectivity, make efficient use of resources, and allow professionals across different services to contribute to the process. Most importantly, Invision360's online EHCP audit tool would be accessible to all local areas to positively impact as many children and young people as possible.

Today, I am delighted to say that Invision360's online EHCP audit tool is delivering on all those points, and more.

Local areas are using Invision360's online EHCP audit tool to increase objectivity and consistency in EHCPs. They are no longer constrained by complicated processes, inconsistent data, subjectivity, and variable partner input.

As Kashif Nawaz, Head of Children’s Support Services at Bracknell Forest sums up Invision360's online EHCP audit tool:

“In terms of service improvements, we now have a great understanding of what ‘Good’ looks like. Using Invision360's online EHCP audit tool, we’re able to pinpoint where there are gaps in quality assurance. Not only this, we’re also able to identify partnership gaps with health and social care.”

Both personally and professionally, the Invision360's online EHCP audit tool Team and I are incredibly proud of the difference Invision360's online EHCP audit tool is making to SEND services. Through identifying a national ‘challenge’ in SEND, we have created a supportive tool that is having a hugely positive impact on the outcomes of children and young people with SEND.

Phil Stock

Director of Invision360

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