Programme Manager, Danie Adams
Danie Adams
ICT Programme Manager

Programme Manager, Danie Adams

Working to a philosophy of “measure twice, cut once”, Danie, is perfectly placed to see each technical project through

Programme Manager, Danie Adams

“I would pick the exact same team,” says Programme Manager, Danie Adams

Working to a philosophy of “measure twice, cut once”, Invision360’s Programme Manager, Danie Adams, is perfectly placed to see each technical project through from initial concept to implementation.

At his heart, he is incredibly passionate about the reason Invision360 exists; to support positive outcomes for children and young people with SEN. So, we thought we’d dig a bit deeper to find out more about Danie, inside and outside of work.

Danie, please tell us, what did you want to be when you were growing up?

“I can’t remember being set on anything as a small child, but I was very interested in becoming an architect or civil engineer during my teenage years. That ambition soon faded when I discovered desktop PCs in the late 90s. After that, I quickly became fascinated with computers.”

How does your current role satisfy your childhood ambitions?

“Well, I am still immersed in technology and development, so I think my teenage self would be happy. As Programme Manager, I am responsible for seeing through the successful delivery of each of Invision360’s technical projects at each stage of the development process, from initial concept to design and completion. I am meticulous when it comes to mapping out a project, scoping out requirements, development planning, and working to projected timelines.”

Name three things you love about your job

“Firstly, I enjoy seeing, first-hand, Invision360’s digital solutions take shape as time progresses. That’s always one of the most satisfying parts of software development.

“Secondly, the work we’re doing is directly improving the lives of children and young people with SEN. Being able to evidence our impact and see how it positively impacts them is very rewarding.

“Thirdly, we’re a great of bunch of individuals working together. They say you can’t pick your family or work colleagues - you just have to live with them, but I would pick this exact same team if I had the opportunity to.”

How would your friends/colleagues describe you?

“I believe having an open relationship with my work colleagues is important. So hopefully, they see me as someone they can place their trust in and have the confidence to be honest and direct with me. It’s this level of professional curiosity and challenge that is encouraged at Invision360.”

What are your favourite things to do outside of work?

“As a computer hardware enthusiast, I love scouring the web looking for old and sought-after computer components that I can add to my collection. On weekends, I enjoy watching sports - Formula 1, rugby and cricket, and cooking with my 5-year-old daughter. As a South African, I love a traditional “braai” (roasting over hot coals), something I try to do at least once a weekend.

“I also enjoy carpentry. This is a hobby I’ve been doing since childhood and I learned everything I knew from my grandfather. However, I haven’t taken on any projects over the last couple of years (I blame my immigration plans) and feel I need to pick it up again.”

Where is the most amazing place you have ever been, and where’s next?

“The best place I have visited is Bilenė in Mozambique. It’s home to vast expanses of untouched tropical beaches with amazing reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving. But you must avoid the summer months - the heat and humidity are enough to make you cry!

“As for where next, now that I am settled in the UK, I’d love to explore more of Europe. There’s so much to see.”

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

“I am, as the team will say, very organised and am very much a planner. So, the best piece of advice I’d give is to ‘measure twice, cut once’. Even though it’s a carpentry saying, I have applied it to different parts of my life, reminding me to always think twice about any decision I make, inside and outside of work.”