Getting ahead of the curve with Annual Reviews
Mark Andrews
Head of Partnerships

Getting ahead of the curve with Annual Reviews

Read how the new Annual Review audit tool can be utilised efficiently to QA a sample of ARs, to ensure quality remains a focus

Getting ahead of the curve with Annual Reviews

Getting ahead of the curve with Annual Reviews

We are keen to share the benefits of utilising our new Invision360 Annual Review audit tool and we think this blog will answer most of your questions about what to expect from the tool.

Using a sample of Annual Reviews

The Annual Review audit tool can be utilised to quality assure a sample of your completed annual reviews that have been processed, ensuring you are focussing on quality as well as prioritising the backlog of annual reviews you may have to be process.

We acknowledge that a lot of capacity within SEND services are focusing on processing the existing AR paperwork and the backlog, however ensuring quality is a focus for a ‘sample’ of those that have been processed is an important function for all LAs.

Our new audit tool allows you to audit the quality and consistency of the entire annual review process, focussing on quality, time frames, parent and child feedback, and progress towards outcomes.

Utilising the Invision360 audit tool allows you to share the importance placed on ‘quality’ with your community, Ofsted and the DFE.

Together, let’s get ahead of the curve.

From concept to tool

The annual review tool concept was developed through my experience from numerous leadership roles within Local Authority SEND and Inclusion services. Following the success of our online EHCP audit tool, there was a huge demand from our partner local authorities for a quality assurance tool that focussed on annual review. Together with four partner local authorities we collectively developed, build and piloted our new auditing tool before launching the final version in July 2021.

With the forthcoming SEND review soon to be published, we perceive there will be an increased focus on annual reviews. Our Invision360 tool has been designed to support LAs to meet their requirements and demonstrate their commitment to delivering quality annual reviews.

Why is our tool valuable to you?

• Our tool aligns with any existing case management systems/hubs/or portals you’re using

• At the touch of a button you can monitor progress towards C/YP’s EHCP outcomes and explore or analyse this impact data in detail

• View feedback from parent and children on experiences of the annual review process before being collated and reviewed

• The quality of your Annual Review process will be audited against standards

• Feedback can be provided to host settings, e.g schools, on the delivery of the Annual Review meeting

• Your local authority can bench mark its performance against regional and national data

Feedback from our partners

“I found the system user friendly, easy to navigate and very intuitive. The tool allows you to efficiently go through the stages, linking statements to the review and allowing for a simple quantifiable assessment at the end.”

Rebecca Doody, Strategic Commissioning Manager, Surrey County Council

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