7 key benefits of benchmarking for Local Authorities
Phil Stock
Founder & CEO

7 key benefits of benchmarking for Local Authorities

We're nearly ready to launch benchmarking across our tools, so we're shared 7 key benefits that benchmarking provides

7 key benefits of benchmarking for Local Authorities

7 key benefits of benchmarking for Local Authorities

As Invision360 introduces the new benchmarking feature for the EHCP and Annual Review online audit tools, we thought it would be positive to share the value of benchmarking for local authorities. Below are 7 key benefits to LAs that benchmarking provides:

1. Comparing performance

Local authorities that participate in a benchmarking network each provide one another with valuable comparative data. Using up-to-date visuals, benchmarking provides clear visibility into any performance area. You can immediately view performance within the context of selected peer groups who are tracking the same measures.

2. Analysing performance over time

Benchmarking is an extremely effective tool for the observation, analysis and reporting of performance over a given time frame. Benchmarks help local authorities to establish the key performance drivers for their improvement plans and set appropriate future objectives. Once a benchmark is established it can be tracked for consistency over time providing a key resource for evidence-based decision-making, resource allocation and promoting continuous improvement.

3. Identifying areas for improvement

Benchmarking allows local authorities to effectively identify improvement areas. Comparisons both regionally and nationally provides insight into both strengths but also into areas that require targeted focus to improve

Benchmarking allows comparison of performance against that other LAs to gain a better understanding of the path to achieving better results. Potential solutions based on the strategies employed by other LAs who are performing well in certain areas can be identified through benchmarking exercises.

4. Celebrating strengths

Benchmarking provides LAs with clear insights into their strengths relative to other regions / nationally. By examining performance in the context of the performance of others and over time, it becomes much easier to identify strengths and to celebrate them with the community.

5. Collaborating with others

Being part of a network of other LAs that compare performance data brings considerable value to improvement work. These networks allow members to share knowledge, best practices, gain experience and learn from one another. It raises the bar for everyone. Benchmarking networks demonstrate the value of collaboration — encouraging openness and transparency across LAs.

6. Keeping up with current trends

Understanding trends within and across different LAs is invaluable to improve performance. Benchmarking against other like-minded LAs provides a window to new opportunities and innovations, and allows for insight into the value of new sector trends.

7. Further developing trust within the LA community

Participating in a LA benchmarking network signals to the community that continuous improvement and innovation are a key focus. Benchmarking shows that you are willing to be open & transparent with performance results to discover new and effective ways to improve performance.

LAs who benchmark are dynamic: they are tracking their progress; identifying what works and what doesn’t; using evidence based on data to make decisions, and uncovering innovative ways to elevate their performance.

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The text above has been adapted from the blog ‘7 Benefits of Benchmarking for Local Government’, with the agreement of the author by Mike Bell (Co founder & CEP of Envisio – an American organisation supporting local government with strategy implementation).