Quality Health Advice (QHA) Audit tool

Utilise the QHA digital audit tool to improve the consistency and quality of your Health reports submitted as part of the EHCP process.

Commissioned and developed in partnership with the NHS and a cohort of DCOs from Cheshire and Merseyside, this tool will enable your area to drill down reporting on quality assurance for each service feeding into the Health advice to inform the EHCP.

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Introducing Invision360’s Quality Health Advice Audit tool

What does ‘good’ Health advice look like?

Standardised criteria, prompts and guidance written by a group of DCOs and DMOs can be found within the tool, empowering your colleagues who feed into the reports with what ‘good’ Health advice looks like.

Encourage cross peer auditing both within and across services, segment information and enable those who are not ‘specialists’ in areas to audit advice and analyse input.

This tool can work alongside your current quality assurance framework, enhancing, improving, and supporting your health SEND provision and EHCPs.

Grading of individual themes within health reports

An overall grading, and/or section by section individual theme gradings will be automatically generated from the health advice on the criteria selected by the auditor.

The built-in moderation feature ensures consistent auditing within and across health services for a unified approach, saving considerable time. The automated moderation component highlights where auditors are consistent and also if any auditing inconsistencies exist, allowing this area to be addressed effectively.

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Promoting best practice through insight and data

Touch of the button reporting on live audit data will provide an evidence base to target improvement work and evaluate the impact of any improvement intervention.

Analyse data and benchmark individual services and your health advice performance against regional and national data.

See how your performance compares to those across your own geographical boundaries.

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Underpin your health advice with consistency and objectivity

As a user you will receive standardised criteria, helpful prompts, and examples of ‘what good looks like’ in each section to guide you through the process. Utilise the health quality assurance tool at any stage in the EHCP process – screen advice before it enters the plan or analyse reports once they are embedded.

Quality does not mean a laborious QA practice thanks to our simple step-by step process which offers clear guidance to save you time!

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Discover a smarter way to audit Health reports.

Ensure all your Health reports are audited against the same QA framework and gain far greater clarity on where improvements can be made – all through one tool.

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