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Local Authority partners recognised that the need for quality assurance within PEPs has never been greater. Together we have piloted and developed a tool which will greatly improve the quality and consistency of your PEPs and save you precious time.

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Key features
Introducing Invision360's PEP Audit Tool

Built with local authorities, for local authorities

“The PEP tool is an intuitive piece of software that we are using as a Virtual School team to help us identify themes to improve our children’s personal education planning. Its easy to use and once familiar with the tool, will be a very efficient and smart way to analyse trends to improve any Virtual School improvement journey.

"The support from Invision360 has been instrumental in developing our use of the tool, so that we will soon be implementing the use of this audit tool with our partners.”

Gloucestershire County Council

Remove PEP inconsistencies

Using our comprehensive QA module, you can be sure that all PEPs are audited to a consistent QA framework (with a moderation component built-in) - a considerable step forward from MS Word and Excel QA frameworks that LAs are individually creating & implementing.

Explore our simple to use, online PEP QA process

Designed to align with your existing case management systems, hubs and portals. Our online PEP QA audit tool provides a simple online step-by-step process. The built-in checklist criteria offers clear guidance on what needs to be included within each section of the PEP and the tool grades each section of the PEP, based on the criteria the auditor selects.

Automated links also allow virtual school caseworkers, social care colleagues, school staff, children and carers to contribute to the digital QA process – at the click of a button.

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Moderate and benchmark performance

Our PEP QA audit tool also enables you to benchmark your performance against regional and national data and makes auditing more consistent through the in-tool moderation feature.

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Discover a smarter way to audit PEPs

Ensure all your PEPs are audited against the same QA framework and gain far greater clarity on where improvements can be made – all through one tool.

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