Annual Review Tool

Our annual review tool allows local authorities to audit the quality and consistency of the entire annual review process, focusing on quality, time frames, parent and child feedback and progress towards outcomes.

 ·       The tool can be utilised to quality assure a sample of annual reviews that have been processed. This ensures you’re focusing on quality as well as prioritising the backlog of annual reviews to be processed.
·       The tool aligns with any existing case management systems, hubs or portals
that you’re utilising.
·       Our tool allows you to monitor progress towards C/YP’s EHCP outcomes and explore/analyse this impact data in detail.
·       Parent and child feedback on experiences of the annual review process can
be collated and reviewed.

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Introducing Invision360's Annual Review Tool

The UK’s first online EHCP Annual Review Tool

Our NEW Annual Review Tool has been developed through a local authority lens after Director, Phil Stock, experienced first-hand the challenges that exist after working in numerous leadership roles within SEND and Inclusion services. Following the success of the EHCP tool, there was a lot of demand from local authortiies for a QA tool that focused on annual reviews.

With four partner local authorities we collectively developed, built and piloted our new tool.

Gain the experiential views of children and their families

Our tool allows you to explore the feelings and emotions behind an annual review through the eyes of the child or young person, and their family. Discover information that delves into how the review was conducted. At the click of button, you can see if the views of the child or young person and family are included, and if the outcomes are appropriate.

Deliver high standard quality assured annual reviews

Our digital SEND solutions have been designed to ensure that consistent and objective quality assurance underpins every process. Therefore, we quality assure Annual Review paperwork received by schools to the local authority. Users receive an in-depth view of where the review took place, who was invited, the changes that were made, what has been implemented and the timeframes involved.

Increased insight into the impact plans are achieving

Local authorities are given direct access to ‘live’ information to see the difference and impact that regular reviews are having. Gain previously inaccessible granular insights into how effective EHCPs really are, and whether they are meeting the expectations of each child and their family.

Let’s review and refocus EHCP Annual Reviews

It’s time to prioritise Annual Reviews at local authorities nationwide

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"I found the system user friendly, easy to navigate and very intuitive. The tool allows you to efficiently go through the stages, linking statements to the review and allowing for a simple quantifiable assessment at the end. We feel it would work very well alongside the EHCP audit tool."

Rebecca Doody, Strategic Commissioning Manager
Surrey County Council

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