Frequently Asked Questions

01. How does Invision increase the consistency and objectivity of the auditing process?

The step-by-step process provides a checklist of criteria for each section of the plan. The criteria is based on nationally recognised good practice documentation and the system implements a ‘weighting’ approach to the gradings (i.e. some sections of the plan are weighted heavier than others). The system determines the ‘grading’ of each section based on the criteria selected, so an auditor is not stating ‘what grade each section is’ , but just selecting objective criteria the tool provides, which results in a grading.

02. Does Invision provide examples of ‘what good looks like’?

Yes. For each section of the EHCP audit (sections A to K), the Invision tool provides examples of ‘what good looks like’ to the auditor.

03. Are other local authorities / local areas utilising Invision? Can we liaise with these LAs to hear directly from them?

Yes. Since we launched Invision in the summer 2020, a number of local authorities have purchased, and mobilised Invision and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. We would be happy to put any interested LAs in touch with those currently utilising Invision, following a demo of the tool. A demo takes no more than 45 minutes (which includes a Q&A session). To book please utilise the contact link on this website.

04. Can the system produce bespoke reports?

Yes. Invision allows local areas to run reports on the data by selecting the criteria required. For example, local areas can view data based on variables such as date period audits were completed, key stage, primary area of SEND need, setting type etc. There is a live dashboard that provides data on the distribution of gradings of EHCPs (outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate) across the local area.

05. Is the Invision audit tool designed for education, health and social care professionals to complete?

Yes. The step-by-step process, that provides a checklist of criteria for each section of the plan, allows for professionals across services to complete an EHCP audit utilising Invision. The system provides examples for each section and guides the user through the process. The system determines the ‘grading’ of each section based on the criteria selected.

06. If a local area wants to implement Invision, how quickly can it be mobilised / go ‘live’?

Once a license agreement has been agreed and signed, the implementation process is short. It can take from two-weeks, depending on how quick the LA can identify auditors, business support component and schedule training for Invision to deliver. There are a number of key steps we support the LA with to ensure successful implementation.

07. Does Invision allow for the moderation of audits that have been completed on the system?

Yes, the same EHCP can be audited by more than one individual, allowing for moderation. Using the C/YP ID’ an individual with either coordinator or manager access rights can view the audits completed on the same plan to support a moderation process. For example, a LA may decide to identify a ‘set number’ of EHCPs in each audit cycle to be audited by more than one individual for moderation purposes. Searching by C/YP ID’ will bring up all the audits completed on the same plan, providing a peer moderation process to be implemented.

08. Can the local authority / local area audit as many EHCPs as they want, once an annual Invision licence is purchased?

Yes. Once you have purchased an Invision annual licence, you are able to audit as many EHCPs as you choose (there is no limit or ceiling).

09. Does the Invision tool audit the professional advice that sits beneath the EHCP?

No. The Invision tool is a vehicle to audit the EHCP (i.e. the end product) and not the professional advice that informs the formulation of the plan. It is acknowledged and recognised that an EHCP is only as ‘strong’ as the advice that inform the plan; however, the Invision tool should form part of a wider local area quality assurance framework. For example, professional services (e.g. EP services, SALT etc.) will have their own professional QA processes (e.g. peer moderation, dip sampling, checklist frameworks) that they implement before submitting advice. A number of local areas utilising the Invision audit tool use this mechanism to audit the majority of EHCPs on a monthly basis and then from the data the Invision system produces, may select a small sample of plans to complete a ‘deep dive’ multi-disciplinary audit on a quarterly basis (including professional advice component).

10. Are EHCPs available to access (saved or stored) on the Invision tool?

No. EHCPs are not saved or stored on the Invision tool. The online tool provides a step-by-step guide to audit a plan, however the EHCP is emailed to you through the local authority email systems. When you have been assigned an EHCP(s) to be audited, you will receive a notification in your email inbox (prompting you to login to Invision). The details on the Invision tool with align with the EHCP your coordinator has emailed you.

11. As an auditor, how can I be sure I am auditing the right EHCP?

When you have been assigned an EHCP(s) to be audited, you will receive a notification in your email inbox. When you logon to the Invision online tool, click on the ‘audit a plan’ icon and you will see the EHCPs assigned to you. The unique System ID will link to the EHCP you will have been emailed by the coordinator. When logged onto the tool, you will see the System ID , key stage, setting name and primary area of need and they will correspond with the EHCP you have been emailed.

12. What are the I.T. requirements to run Invision?

Invision can be accessed from desktops, laptops and tablets (not mobile phones). In keeping with best practises, we have disabled access from older browsers that don’t have the necessary security controls. The platform supports Microsoft Edge v44.18+, Chrome v75+, Firefox v68+, Safari v12+. Support isn’t provided for earlier browsers. If you have an earlier version we suggest contacting your IT department to request an upgrade. If you have a supported browser and still aren’t able to load the platform, please email Invision support (

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“The first time I used Invision360 Online EHCP Audit Tool, I was incredibly impressed. It has removed individual subjectivity from the quality assurance process, with every instruction enabling accurate benchmarking to give us an unbiased ‘view’ of EHCP planning.”

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