Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do you book a demo of any of the Invision360 tools?

You can book a demo of any of our tools by getting in touch with our Head of Partnerships - Mark Andrews. Our demos can be carried out remotely via Microsoft Teams or in person with Mark and Philip coming to your offices. Demos typically last 30 mins and this includes a Q&A section where you can ask anything you like. Please either call Mark on 07825225260 or drop him an email on and he shall get straight back to you.

02. How do I purchase an Invision360 module / tool?

For full information on how you can purchase any Invision360 module please get in contact with our Head of Partnerships – Mark Andrews. He can be contacted via telephone on 07825225260 or via email on

03. Are the tools an annual or monthly subscription?

The Invision360 tools are purchased on an annual subscription but we are also happy to offer longer agreements of 2 or 3 years.

04. How long does it take from contract signed to implementation?

Once we have received a signed contract we can have your authority up and running within 2 weeks, which includes all of our specialist training to your teams. If you wish to take things a little slower then not a problem. Rest assured we have all the processes in place to give you a truly bespoke ‘Go Live’ experience.

05. Do Invision360 provide training one we have purchased an Invision360 module / tool?

Yes. We provide all the training you will need as an authority remotely via Microsoft Teams. We offer flexible times and dates so you have multiple options, as well as recordings in case anyone is unable to attend. We are also happy to offer training to new team members who may join midway through your contract term.

06. What support can we expect to receive once we have started using the Invision360 platform?

We regularly review our support policies and procedures to ensure that our customers have access to the best support possible. As well as raising any requests to our dedicated support email, you also have 24/7 access to our automated support function and help centre. Importantly, we’re always happy to help.

07. Where do I go for help if I have problems logging on or accessing the Invision360 platform?

Our help centre is online 24/7 and has plenty of articles to help you out. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for there our support staff are always on hand via email. You can find our support email in your login information email.

08. What happens if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password then you can simply reset it via the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on our login page. If you have reset your password and are still unable to access Invision360 then please email: where we will be happy to correct the issue for you.

09. Is any personal data stored on the tools?

Personal data is defined by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as information relating to natural persons who can be identified or who are identifiable, directly from the information in question; or who can be indirectly identified from that information in combination with other information. Under the ICO definition, we store two forms of personal data: • The name of a user as it is entered onto the platform • The email address of a user as it is entered onto the platform

10. What security exists around the storage and use of data on the platform?

We apply and regularly review appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard your data. This includes making sure that data is kept in a highly available state by replicating it across geographically distinct, physical data centres based in the UK. This ensures that in the unlikely event of one of our data centres suffering an outage, our systems can ‘flip’ to a different data centre. When we test these failover scenarios it takes - on average - 30 seconds to complete. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our internal access policies set out who at Invision360 can access your data, and we’ll only do so as part of a support request or maintenance. We apply principles of least access across all levels.

11. Where did the Invision360 journey start? Why did we create the EHCP audit tool (our first module)?

Our Managing Director Philip Stock developed Invision360 as a solution the problems he encountered in his experiences working in SEND & Inclusion leadership roles across a number of Local Authorities. Philip has a profound passion for improving outcomes for children and young people with SEND, observing first hand some of the challenges that this cohort of vulnerable young people encounter. In one of his more recent LA positions, as Head of Inclusion Services and Principal EP of a large LA, Philip felt frustrated at the laborious processes with regards implementing an effective EHCP QA system; he wanted to use technology to develop a standardised process where all services could contribute to an easy to use & time efficient solution. From this, the concept of Invision360 was born with our first module – the EHCP digital audit tool

12. What is Invision360? Why would we want an Invision360 module?

Below are some of the key benefits that our tools provide: • Will align with any existing case management systems / hubs / portals that LAs are utilising. • Over 15% of LAs are now using Invision360 tools nationally • Allows LAs to monitor progress towards C/YP’s EHCP outcomes and explore/ analyse this impact data in detail at the touch of the button • Parent and child experiential feedback can be collated and reviewed • Provides an opportunity for LAs to benchmark against regional and national performance (other LAs using the same criteria) • Easy to utilise and navigate, providing users with examples of ‘what good looks like’ • Draws down from nationally recognised good practice documentation • More consistent auditing through the moderation feature within the tool • Designed to be utilised by education, health & social care professionals • Provides an opportunity for joint commissioning between education & CCGs

13. Does Invision360 only provide SEND solutions? What else do Invisioin360 do?

Currently we have an EHCP and Annual Review audit tool which are both SEND modules. However, we are expanding and currently developing a Personal Education Plan audit module which is focused on ‘children in care. We will continue to develop modules that cover a range of children and adult services (not just SEND).

14. Are new features added and does this cost more?

We are constantly improving & evolving our tools. For example, we have recently added a new benchmarking feature within the EHCP tool. Feedback from LAs & professionals using the tool is reflected upon and changes/updates are made accordingly. All improvements, updates and new features are added at ‘no cost’ to the LA.

15. Do the Invision360 modules align with existing case management software tools we may be already using?

Yes. We are working with over 20 local authorities, all using different case management systems. Our QA tools align with all of these systems.

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“The first time I used Invision360 Online EHCP Audit Tool, I was incredibly impressed. It has removed individual subjectivity from the quality assurance process, with every instruction enabling accurate benchmarking to give us an unbiased ‘view’ of EHCP planning.”

Kashif Nawaz, Head of Children’s Support Services
Bracknell Forest Council
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